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2018 China (Guangzhou)  International EV Industrial Ecology Chain Exposition

& Global Electric Vehicle Leadership Summit

Guangzhou International Sourcing Center



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Guidance Unit: 

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China 



China Prosperity Green Industry Foundation

China EV Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance 

China Information Industry Association Energy Branch

Electrical Technology Branch of Society of Automotive Engineers of China

China Southern Power Grid

China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd. 


Executor :  

Guangzhou Slong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.



Guangdong Power Battery Standardization Technical Committee

Guangdong Enterprises Competitiveness Promotion Association

Guangzhou Association of Highway Transportation Industry

Guangzhou Judian Exhibition Co., Ltd.



China Battery Industry Association

China Electronics Enterprises Association

China Cross-border Electronic Commerce Professional Committee

Guangzhou EV Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance

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